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All we need to do is find it,” said fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. And Carla helps you find it, for the most important times in your life.

Sorority Recruitment

Overwhelmed by the recruitment process wardrobing requirements? 

Carla will help your daughter take on the challenge. She starts with a wardrobe evaluation, carefully deciding what pieces to keep that will work perfectly. Then, Carla gets to work in select shops to find on-trend pieces that will complement the look that’s exactly right. Finally, it’s in the closet where the magic happens. Carla will create looks that are sure to give your daughter the confidence to get into the sorority that is just it for her.

“Style is something each of us already has. 


Have you lost influence in your daughter’s closet?

Carla is the perfect person to to deliver professional and relevant help with your girl.  She will encourage her to get out of the safe/sloppy look currently the norm for girls who are figuring out who they want to be.  She will show them new looks and open their minds to the endless possibilities for being hip, cool, and style-savvy in today’s school.

Where do I start with homecoming, prom, and Senior pictures?

Start with Carla! She takes the same thoughtful, organized, fashion-centric approach with choosing not only the complete look that will be perfect for each once-in-a-lifetime event, but also a look that is appropriate and exactly right for your daughter's unique self.

Job Interviews


Are you ready to launch your daughter?

Carla specializes in custom designs that cater to any profession. In preparation for the job she wants, she needs to invest in her business wardrobe, but cash isn’t abundant yet.  Before she can earn the big bucks, she needs to get the job first.  Carla will incorporate personal style into her business wardrobe.  Forget stuffy.  Her designs will reflect your girl’s personality. Because we all know, if you set the tone in your first job, it will lead to the career advancements you envision in the future.

"This past summer, Carla helped me create my business wardrobe for an internship with a federal agency in Washington, D.C. As a college student, I had some good pieces, but was overwhelmed about how to plan and pack for an entire summer without a lot of repeats. Carla had great style ideas, and it was so easy to be honest with her and I was surprised how many great outfits she was able to put together!

One thing I especially appreciated was that Carla researched what typical business attire is in my particular agency. I felt appropriate and  rarely had to repeat an outfit. She really gave me confidence in my wardrobe and myself!" ~Lauren M.

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