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Your home.


Coming Soon: Home Staging

Carla is a styling professional, for your personal look and your home. She can stage your home so it's show-ready, making each room "photogenic."


  • Your living spaces will be accented just so, highlighting the space and flow.

  • A potential buyer will imagine themselves and their family there.

  • Everything that is visible in a room, stored in a closet, or found in a drawer will be perfectly organized and clutter-free.


On the Move


There is no better time to reevaluate the things in your closets than when it’s time to move. Let Carla help you decide what's taking the journey with you, and what might be going in a different direction. 

Time for a Change


Once you are settled in your new home, Carla goes back to work…in your closets, and in each room 

organizing it all just right.

Carla simplified my life when she walked into my closet. She eliminated piles of clothes that needed to go and filled in with some of my new favorite things.  She helped me transition my sense of style to the decade I’m in, with care and finesse.  I am thankful for every season that she has purged and forged new life into my closet.  She consistently creates more looks with fewer items than I could imagine.  Her time is one of my best investments! ~Sonja M.

Think about living clutter-free in the 

space you love. 

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